Grow Your Business Faster With AR Filter

AR filter Ads for Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Tiktok..etc has been proven that it bring more with less cost. 

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Why Augmented reality Filter ?
Augmented reality Filter more than just fun.
Augmented Reality Filter more than just fun.

AR filters on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok was a huge hit on social media. Each brand has its own AR Filter to promote its products and allow consumers to identify its brands. It’s not hype. AR technology allows the company to design custom AR filters to promote their brand and interact with the customers fun and engaging way. When they publish their AR filter on social media, they will promote the brand using AR Filter. The AR filter marketing can bring more sales and more engagement to the brand.

How AR Filter can help your brand ?

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Bring High Engagement Rates Faster
with Less Cost

AR Filter advertising provide customers with unique and engaging experiences, allowing them to get immersed in brand content in a manner that no other marketing format can. The open path to developing proprietary lenses via independent developers makes it a much cost-effective proposition for companies: In December 2017 Digiday reported, that Snap generated between $500,000 and $1m per day (!) for such AR filter lens.

Higher brand visibility with less competition!

There will be less competition and complexity, resulting in more people noticing your adverts than traditional advertisements.

Nicki Minaj, one of the most well-known rappers in the United States, utilised the augmented reality Snapchat lens to promote her new necklace. Users could try on the necklace and see how it would appear on them, and it sold out in less than 24 hours after the filter was launched.

Higher brand visibility with less competition!
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AR filter with better Visualise and
Personalise for your brand

AR filter Ads can be customized for your brand with a unique and creative vision that match and show your brand than others, which can help your brand to stand out in the crowd.

American dancer-turned-actress Maddie Ziegler teamed up with Instagram to create her very own custom Instagram Stories AR filter to promote kindness. It has racked up a huge following on her Instagram, upto over 12 million (approx).

Allow Customer try on Products and Increase your sale

Product visualisation enables your consumers to digitally place one of your items in their environment or try-on before purchasing. It bridges the gap between in-store and online buying experiences, and it may even inspire customers to shop in-store because they could see or try on the goods at home.

L’Oréal Paris launched its first collection of virtual makeup for social media, and allows users to wear their virtual makeup during video calls. L’Oréal has experienced a revenue bounce as consumers who avoided buying cosmetics during the pandemic’s initial outbreak have returned. Cosmetics sales increased by 30% on a comparable basis, while e-commerce sales increased by 62 % in the most recent quarter. L’Oréal’s virtual makeup demonstrations might help the brand engage with online customers and increase e-commerce sales.

Where you can promote your AR filters?

AR Filter for Instagram

AR Filter for Facebook

AR Filter for Tiktok

AR Filter for Snapchat

Popular Types of AR Filter

AR filters can’t be determined by a few categories, there are unlimited AR filters that can design a creativity ads for your brand. But there are few popular AR filters have been used in recent years, which can give your brand inspiration for your own AR filters such;

Unlimited creative with Interactive Gesture AR Filters

AR filter has interactive gestures which bring life to your AR ads. The facial gesture has interaction such as smile, wink, nod, blink, etc.. and hand gestures have interaction such as tap, swipe, long press can make your AR filter more than just Ads. What can you do with these gestures? You can create mini-games, quizzes and a lot more. 

Facial Gesture

Hand Gesture

Need a personalized AR Filter for your brand?


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